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Parental Internet Control
Hardware and software parental internet control solutions for both broadband and mobile services
OEM Whitelabelling
Zyalin are Hardware, Web and Mobile App Original Equipment Manufacturers. We offer white-labelling options for all our products.
Integration Services
On-premise mobile parental control system integration, API customisation & development, Subscription service notification & Billing system intregation
Revenue Generation
Retail-ready solutions, little-to-no integration requirements, and immediate revenue generation opportunities for Operators.
Support & Training
Level I and Level II support. Training and skills transfer.


We are experts in the manufacture of simple to use Internet Control products for the B2C market. We give Telecom companies the ability to make life safer and easier for their customers. Start making the Internet safer for your customers’ kids today.

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We have a multi-disciplinary team of IT and Internet Safety professionals. Through our innovative solutions, we provide ways for our clients to increase ARPU, increase customer loyalty, and provide a much needed societal service to children who use the Internet today.

Parental Internet Control
Telco Integration
Social Need

The world is looking for ways to make the Internet a safer place. Zyalin give you the tools to make that place.

Be part of the social revolution and help your customers to manage their kids’ online time.

A world of information is provided to us through handheld devices. Our children are being given access to everything and anything and maybe we need to place some controls on what they are exposed to at very young ages.

Telecommunication operators are in the unique position of being able to provide a complete online experience for their customers. Customers from the very young to the very old.

True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information.

– Winston Churchill

Zyalin provide OEM Internet Control products, including hardware and software. Our unique software solutions can be deployed to any router, set-top box, smart phones or other connected devices.

We offer white-labelling services for all clients for all of our product suite. Our clients deploy both our hardware and software as a value-add or part of their own service to their end customers.

Roger H, UK
Parent Review

5 Stars. Support – Top Class. Ease of use – Very, very easy to connect and get up and running. Wifi coverage – New box gives great coverage. Simplicity of use – Once installed it is so so so simple to use and control. Overall, this is the BEST product on the market to secure your family whilst on-line.

Sandra C, Australia
Parent Review

I have two children of varying ages. iKydz allowed me tailor individual content levels and schedules like nothing before – great product.

Hassan Fayad
Samsson Group
Head of Africa

Zyalin diverse range of solutions address an ever-growing problem. They way in which they provide their offerings also makes it easy for us to deploy to our customers.

Jose P, Ireland
Parent Review

Great product. It gives me full control of what and when the kids are online at home. The “Meal Time” button on the App is a gift. One click and the wifi is off. No more social media at the dinner table!!!