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Zyalin launch groundbreaking Telco solution

Parental Internet Control for individual device management and deployed at network-level
Zyalin launch network-level internet control

World’s first complete Internet Control solution for Telco Operators.

Individual device management delivered at a network level.
Zyalin Group has launched its groundbreaking network-level total internet control solution, iKydz Enterprise, for telecommunication and mobile operators.

This revolutionary solution allows Operators to provide parental internet controls across their network, giving their customers individual device management without the need for MDM.

Importantly, the iKydz Enterprise solution is platform, device and OS agnostic, and has a simple deployment at network and end-user levels.

Unlike Any Other Solution

The iKydz Enterprise Solution is built on the latest IOT technology and can be deployed to WIFI and mobile environments with ease, outperforming all other solutions in the marketplace.

This is the first, true, Total Internet Control solution for mobile operators. It allows Operators to finally provide a universal Internet Control solution for their customers, many of whom are parents concerned with how the Internet is affecting their children’s lives.

Increasing Customer Retention

In today’s always-on world, there is an overwhelming need for a single, total solution to enable families to manage their children’s online time.¬†Zyalin’s iKydz Enterprise Solution provides that solution and helps ISPs give their customers what they want, increasing their triple and quad play suites, as well as improving customer retention.

One Single App manages all devices

The iKydz Enterprise Solution lets end-users manage all their children’s connected devices on WIFI or on mobile network with one single app on the parent’s phone. The solution works for any connected device, including iOS, android and windows phones, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles, TVs, and any other internet-enabled device.

Standard Parental Control functions are all included, providing individual device management without the need for MDM.

  • Restrict Time Online
  • Block Unsuitable Content
  • Manage Social Media Apps
  • Block/Allow web and app access during specific times
  • Report on viewing history and time spent online (even when history has been deleted)
  • Locate Their Child / Enable Geofencing

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