Safe & Secure. No matter where you work. Secure and affordable virtual network for multiple office connectivity.
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Your own secure network that connects all your workers, no matter where they are in the world.

Secure your workers’ internet connections no matter where they connect. Give them instant, direct and secure access to your office file servers. Let them share sensitive files safely with colleagues and clients. Manage your entire network. Working remotely now has enterprise-level security.

Cutting-edge cyber security and internet access management for your business without the hassle.

Aimed at small to medium sized business owners who have to do everything themselves, including IT. Cloudgate has been specifically designed for small businesses who want to focus on growing their revenues and increasing productivity wherever their employees are. While having peace of mind about their internet security with protection that’s affordable and reliable.

Low-Cost, secure remote working in a box

Our internet control business wifi box simply plugs into an existing router or wifi network, creating new secure business network for all their devices to connect. Managed centrally by your business via the Cloudgate web portal.

Choose from our range of affordable and portable devices, designed with small business needs in mind.

From office to hotel room Zyalin CloudGate is a secure, cloud-based software defined network platform. Easily create and manage a secure office network for all your remote workers. Network is available, your security is covered

Benefits modern
business thrives on.
Affordable and secure collaboration for remote working.
  • Secure
    Create a secure virtual office network for all your workers, wherever they work from

  • Affordable
    Low-cost solution designed with small business in mind

  • Manage
    With a single click, deploy cybersecurity controls to your network and all the connected devices – advanced malware detection, phishing protection, advanced anti-virus protection and a host of other services.

  • Collaborate
    Provide a simple to use, secure network for all your workers to use, no matter where they are in the world. Access office file servers, shared drives, printers and peripherals, as well as business applications.

  • Control
    Control the access to your network as well as the devices that can connect, all using a central web portal

  • Instant
    Deploy your secure network in minutes

  • Monitor
    Easy to use network monitoring and analysis to ensure privacy and security.

  • Flexible
    Establish multi-site networking using simple portable devices and add or remove locations with a single click.

  • Data sharing
    Share large and confidential files securely and with ease; no need to transfer sensitive information using third party services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Zyalin Cloudgate is available now

  • Full setup with Zyalin CloudGate®
  • Zyalin CloudGate® Routers supplied
  • Web portal to manage your business network

  • Premium business & technical support

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